Managed Network Security

WatchGuard Managed Firewall

TechAssist is the local leader in Information Assurance and Network Monitoring. From E-mail encryption to network security monitoring and intervention with our Security Operations Center, TechAssist offers Network Security services for peace of mind and compliance.

Our Managed Security packages include:

  1. All computers and machines (such as copiers) are fully up to date and all relevant software and firmware patches are applied.
  2. Installing and our managing enterprise antivirus solution.
  3. Installing, configuring maintaining, and monitoring our patch management agent for Windows, Mac, and Linux to ensure automatic patch application.
  4. Ensuring all inbound e-mail is scanned for spam, viruses, trojan horses, and phishing attacks.
  5. Proactive router & firewall log file monitoring.
  6. Physical security evaluation and recommendations.